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Friends of Toto

Friends of Toto Picture Box
Your dog(s) deserves the best care possible, at Friends of Toto located in Pawtucket, RI we seek to provide that top of the line care. We offer services all throughout RI including the surrounding communities of Providence, Central Falls, North Providence, East Providence, Seekonk and Lincoln. Our goal is to make sure that your pet is treated right. We provide a dog daycare that provides your pet with exercise, socialization and relief from boredom. We also have dog boarding available at our facility which takes care of your dog while you are away and includes a professional staff to look after your pet, emergency planning so that your pet is safe and strict vaccination policies that give you peace of mind. Lastly we have dog grooming which keeps your pet in tip top shape. Our grooming regimen includes nail trimming, bathing, teeth brushing, brushing and ear cleaning. Show your dog you love them. Call us at 401-722-8686, or visit our website at for more information.

Friends of Toto

245 Esten Ave, Unit A, Pawtucket, RI 02860



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